Moberly Martial Arts Instructors

Certified Instructors

Mr. Kevin Moberly

Mr. Moberly is fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo, a blue belt in Gracie Jui jitsu, and an advanced Krav Maga Instructor. He has been in martial arts for over 25 years and has taught thousands of students over the years, and will fill the role of senior instructor for the Richmond Academy. Mr. Moberly holds a bachelors degree from the University of Kentucky in business administration and is also accomplished pilot and flight instructor. Mr. Moberly, with the help of his wife Sharon, helped grow the Lexington martial arts school to a top 50 school in the nation in 2003. He is the co-owner of the Richmond Academy and also owns a national flight training company.

Mrs. Sharon Moberly

Mrs. Sharon Moberly is a fourth degree black belt and has been the program manager of the Richmond Academy for over five years. In 2001, she competed against ten of the top female martial artist in the world and won the title of Word Champion. Mrs. Moberly is the only World Champion Instructor in Richmond. In addition to being a fierce competitor, she has helped numerous students in the Richmond area earn world rankings and state champion titles. Mrs. Moberly is also an accomplished actor and model, having worked with Mariah Carey, Garth Brooks, and Gretchen Wilson just to name a few. Mrs. Moberly is the chief instructor of the Richmond Academy.

Mr. David Logsdon

Mr. Logsdon is a fourth degree black belt and owns an ATA school in Winchester, KY. He has won multiple state champion titles and is an avid Taekwondo competitor. Mr. Logsdon is certified ATA instructor and also assists with our Fitkids after school karate program.

Assistant Instructors

Mr. Noah Dugger

Mr. Dugger is a second degree black belt and a trainee instructor at Moberly's Martial Arts. Mr. Dugger is an avid competitor and has won many state champion titles during his 8 years of competition. His favorite parts of martial arts are traditional forms, weapons training, and combat weapons sparring.  

Miss Sydney Smith

Miss Smith is a second degree black belt and a trainee instructor at Moberly's Martial Arts.  She has been training since she was 4 years old, and enjoys traditional forms and board breaking.  

Miss Jasmine Jones

Miss Jones is a first degree black belt and a trainee instructor.  She has been training for four years and helps manage our Fitkids After School Karate program.  She is also responsible for scheduling and events during our Karate Summer Day Camps.