Summer Camp Free Field Trips


Make this a fun and learning summer! Our summer camp operates from 7:30am until 6:00pm Monday through Friday. We have field trips every Tuesday for swimming and every Friday we do something different. We go bowling, gymnastics, Chuck-E-Cheese, roller skating, ice skating and even to the movies to see first run movies. Our building is air conditioned during the summer and has a huge field next to it for our kids to play.


The Main Reasons for our Summer Camp:

  • Daily Karate Classes & Games
  • Fun Fridays & Free Field Trips
  • A Great Experience they Will Never Forget
  • Parents can Relax Knowing their Child is in a Positive Environment
  • Fun, Fun, Fun!


Summer Camp Free Field Trips

When we get rained out for a field trip, we have pizza parties. We also do arts & crafts on rainy days too! Daily karate classes are scheduled during the summer making our program the best for your child. They learn martial arts during the summer as well as having tons of fun playing indoors and outside not to mention the many field trips. Each day is an adventure for you child. Our students dress out in their karate uniforms for all martial arts classes. We empasize Disipline, Structure and Tradition! There are times to play, eat and learn just like at their regular school.

We have a separate air conditioned viewing area to come in and watch your child at any time. We have wireless internet access in the viewing area for your convenience and this area doubles as a snack and lunch area. Your child will need to pack a lunch every day during the summer as we do not prepare meals. We have TV's, Play Station & Wii games, and will also watch DVD movies between games, arts & crafts, meals, classes and field trips. Your childs day will be full of activities!

Although we are a week-to-week program, we will also offer a special rate for those who can commit to the majority of the summer. Please call either location to discuss our special summer rate (phone numbers at top right of page). You will also be able to roll over into our convenient After School Program with Transportation provided from your school or go into our traditional karate classes beginning at 6:00pm at the end of the summer.

Summer Camp Starts at 7:30a.m. Daily and Includes:

  • Daily Karate Classes

  • Child Safety and Bully Prevention Workshops

  • Library Days and Field Trips

  • Karate Games

  • Basketball, Soccer and Outdoor Activities

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Sidewalk chalk art

  • Special Guest Visits from RPD, Fire Dept., EMS Personnel