Fit Kids After School Program

We Offer Karate Classes in the After School Program


Are you looking for a fun, productive program for your child during after school hours? Do you need a program or activity for your kids until you get off work? Try our FitKids After School Program!

Home of the 2 Week FREE Trial!

Some programs claim to be the best, but we let you try it and see for yourself for 2 full weeks, absolutely for FREE! No other after school martial arts or after school program can match our instruction, facility, professionalism, or effectiveness in teaching your child to be a Leader in life. Try our program and see for yourself!
Our FitKids Transported After School Program is perfect for parents wanting a constructive, positive environment for their kids after school. Our program offers FREE transportation from area schools and are designed to keep your child active, healthy, and fit!


The Main Reasons to use our Transported After School Program are:

  • Free Transport from area schools
  • Snow Days & In Service Days Included (No Additional Charge!)
  • No Contracts Only Pay for When Your Child Attends
  • Your Child Will Stay Active & Not Get Bored
  • Re-enforcement of Character Development & Safety Tips
  • Scheduled Time to Do Homework
  • A Great Experience they Will Never Forget
  • Parents can Relax Knowing their Child is in a Positive Environment
  • Fun, Fun, Fun!


We Offer Karate Classes in the After School Program

In addition to these great benefits, we offer FREE Snow Days and In-Service Days. When School's Out, We're Open! On these days, you may drop your child off any time after 7:00am and pickup any time before 6:00pm, and there is no additional charge for these days.

We are in the Talent and Skill business not the supervision and care business. The tenants that we teach; Exercise, Disipline, Respect, Manners, Self-Defense and self esteem through earning Belt Rankings are found nowhere else. This really does carry over into school work and home!

We are not a commercial school and we will not put a belt ranking on someone who hasn't earned it. Your child will learn the value of hard work and will have a blast in the process.



We pick up at the following schools in Madison County:

  • White Hall Elementary
  • Glenn Marshall Elementary
  • Model Lab
  • Kit Carson Elementary
  • Daniel Boone Elementary
  • Madison Kindergarden Academy
  • Waco Elementary
  • Kirksville Elementary
  • B Caudill Middle School
  • Clark Moores Middle School
  • Kingston Elementary
  • LaFontaine Prepertory School
  • The New Boonesboro Elementary

 We are family owned and operated and our owners have extensive experience in teaching and are child development experts! Our program will teach your child to be more respectful, more disciplined, and our program is great for children with ADD/ADHD. We also have an exceptional staff dedicated to your child's success! We look forward to serving you!

Call us at (859)625-1999, or fill out the form below to register for your 2 Week FREE Trial!

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