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Moberly's Martial Arts New Web Site

The new re-designed web site allows Moberly's Martial Arts and Karate For Kids students to communicate and collaborate with each other online. Not only will it enable Moberly's Martial Arts Instructors to communicate and stay in touch with their students, they will also be able to remind and emphasize:

  • Future Tournaments
  • Belt Testing & Allow Students to Prepay Fees on the web site
  • Specials and Promotions
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Form Videos & Documents (For Web Site Members Only)

Students can also log in by using their Facebook account. The Master Moberly web site does not see your Facebook password, it is encrpted and sent to Facebook and Facebook sends us back a OK if it is correct.

Students will be able to:

  • Upload Photos and Avatars
  • Upload Videos (Up To 200MB in Size)
  • Friend any other Student or Instructor
  • Send Messages to other Students and Instructors
  • Chat directly with any other Student who is Online
  • Post to Their and Friends Timeline

We Plan on adding many new features so check back soon!

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